DJ Kide


Dejan Zakic aka. DJ kiDe, born in 1982. and raised in Serbia. Had his first contact with DJ-ing and professional equipment in the spring of 2006. By the mid 2010, he created his first deep&dark progressive mix, which was followed respectively on the internet and made quite a positive result. The same mix made it’s way to Lacandon & Venes, producers/performers and it made quite a good aftertaste, not to mention positive comments on the same. Their comment was mainly towards something new and a bit different than the rest which ofcourse brought us to where we are today. After a few sets they agreed to extend their gratitude by offering him a spot as a guest in the future shows, such as “Mistique Platinum” and “Dark Sensess”, both on the radio station Pure.FM. Now, he is the host of two new shows: “Welcome To My Nightmare” & “Wicked Conscience” on TribalMixes radio station!

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